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Your words are important

It is vulnerable to be honest. It is not always easy to express emotions. It takes effort to show sympathy for others. You are brave for voicing your opinion. Everything written by visitors at the 22 July Center is kept for the future. Your words provide comfort and inspiration. They show consideration and offer hope. Your engagement continues the conversation about 22 July – now 13 years later.

Close-up of grey wall with white letters in cursive witht he text in Norwegian: Your words matter
From the exhibition: Your Words Are Important


Jul 6 - Sep 28, 2024

In the exhibition Your Words Are Important, we are showcasing for the first time our visitors’ contributions to the conversation about 22 July.

Over 10,000 memory cards and many thousands of drawings and figures have been created by visitors. Everything written and created by visitors at the 22 July Centre is preserved, and now we are displaying a selection.

The words shared are powerful; they can comfort and inspire. They show both anger and compassion, and they give hope.

In this way, our visitors contribute to continuing the conversation about 22 July – now 13 years later.

The exhibition features memory cards, letters, figures, and drawings created by the public at the centre.

We aim to create an engaging exhibition where visitors continue to use their words and express their opinions.

The exhibition opens on 6 July at 12:00 and will be on display throughout the summer season of 2024.