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Report of the 22 July Commision

 The front page of a report. The report is white with a yellow stripe. The cover image is of a damaged building with an ambulance worker and a police officer. Text: NOU Norway's public investigations 2012:14 Report from the 22th July commission
The Gjørv Report
Woman on a lectern with the inscription "22. juli-kommisjonen" in front of a large screen with a slide of people and a rose. Behind, neatly dressed people sit in a row behind a cloth-covered table. In the background a small screen with a film of a woman on a lectern.
Alexandra Bech Gjørv made harsh criticism of the state apparatus when she presented the commission's report in August 2012.
"Three of the Commission’s conclusions are that: Grubbegata street should have been closed. It was not. The perpetrator could have been stopped earlier. He was not. Several security and emergency response measures should have been implemented. They were not."
Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister
Address to the National Assembly, Stortinget.