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New resources on the web page

We are launching four new features and resources on the website. Explore the sites of the terror attack, What is 22 July? for children, Memorial Book, and birthday flower in memory of those killed on 22 July.

New resources on the web page

Throughout 2023, the 22 July Centre, in collaboration with Knowit Experience Oslo and Melkeveien Design Agency, has developed several new features and resources on the website. Watch the video below for a presentation of the features and resources.

What is 22 July?

It has been more than 10 years since the terror attack in the government quarter and on Utøya. Many of today's pupils were not born at that time. Therefore, the 22 July Centre is providing a special offer on its website for the youngest pupils.

The staff at the Centre has noticed a significant increase in inquiries from primary school teachers. Teachers are seeking resources and assistance for teaching about the events of 22 July, 2011.

The terror attack continues to appear in the media, and children are aware of what is happening around them. Many parents find it challenging to answer all the questions that arise at the dinner table.

How should we really talk to children about 22 July? What happened, how did it happen, and why did it happen? Children have many questions. Therefore, the Centre is launching a web resource for children about the attacks.

With customized illustrations, texts, and recorded content, children can safely navigate the new digital resource. The website can be used in classrooms across the country, children can use it independently, or they can explore the pages together with their parents.

The target audience is from 8 to 13 years old. Illustrations and text are tailored to the age group.

Link to What is 22 July?

Memorial Book

At the 22 July Centre in Teatergata 10, visitors have been able to leave a greeting since the center opened the temporary exhibition in 2020. Now, we make this offer available to everyone through a digital memorial book. In the Memorial Book, those who wish can leave a memorial greeting in memory of 22 July, the victims, and those who continue to live after the terror attack.

Link to Memorial Book.

Explore the sites of the terror attack

In this resource, you can learn about the two sites before and after 22 July. Both the Government Quarter and Utøya are quite inaccessible to the public due to construction work, accessibility, and distance. This resource aims to change that. What did the Government Quarter look like before the attack? What was a summer camp like on Utøya? How do the two places look today? You can find answers in Explore the sites of the terror attack. The resource can be used by schools and the general public.

Link to Explore the sites of the terror attack.

Birthday Flower

In the reception of the 22 July Centre at Teatergata 10 and on social media, we share a flower on the birthday of each victim. Now, the birthday flower will also appear on the website. By clicking on the flower icon on the relevant day, the first name of the deceased will appear. You can also click through to the Memory Book to leave a greeting. For a memorial and learning center like the 22 July Centre, memory and learning go hand in hand. We remember through learning, and we learn through remembering."